The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey - (Episodes 7-12)

The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey - (Episodes 7-12)


Conquest! The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey of the Trojans! This DVD (Episodes 7-12) includes a behind the scenes look of the coaches and players carrying on the Trojan tradition! Conquest includes an in-depth look at multiple sports including Football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, swimming! This DVD documents the heart-gripping stories, high lights, and determination behind Trojan victories, preparation, and the challenges the Trojans face in their ever ending journey to the top!

This DVD set includes:

Episode 7: Conquest explores the determination behind Trojan victory. Women’s Volleyball Team looks back at their performance at NCAA Tournament. Highlights include the Men’s Basketball team taking on defending 2005 NCAA Champions the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Episode 8: With a three season winning streak at stake and a media circus surrounding them, SC plays Texas in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Highlights include Men’s Basketball versus Cal and Stanford and the 2006 Rose Bowl.

Episode 9: Conquest documents the journeys of the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams as they take two pivotal mid season road trips to Arizona and Washington. Back at SC, Conquest takes an in depth look at the meticulous technique that goes into the highly competitive world of Track and Field.

Episode 11: Conquest takes an in depth look at the role of psychological confidence in athletic success. Men’s and Women’s basketball try to regain team confidence after experiencing defeat and losing key players to injury, while diver Kenny Jenkins and high jumper Manjula Wijesekara learn the importance of confidence at the individual level.

Epidsode 12: Things begin to look up for the Men’s Volleyball team as they make a landmark win against cross town rivals UCLA. Highlights include collegiate hurdles record holder Virginia Powell and the home Men’s Basketball game against U of A.

Plus a whole lot more!

This is DVD 2 of 3 in a box set. You can purchase the entire box set for $49.99 if desired. Or you can purchase them available individually at $19.99 each.