The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey - (Episodes 1-6)

The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey - (Episodes 1-6)


Conquest! The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey of the Trojans! This DVD (Episodes 1-6) includes a behind the scenes look of the coaches and players carrying on the Trojan tradition! Conquest includes an in-depth look at multiple sports including Football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, swimming! This DVD documents the heart-gripping stories, high lights, and determination behind Trojan victories, preparation, and the challenges the Trojans face in their ever ending journey to the top!

This DVD set includes:

Episode 1: Inside look at coaches and players preparation of upcoming seasons.

Episode 2: The undefeated SC Football and Men’s Water Polo teams attempt to hold onto dominance as the Football team heads to Indiana to play Notre Dame and Water Polo competes in the Nor Cal Tournament. The Women’s Basketball Team starts their season with a camping trip in Catalina while the men’s team gets a new start when legendary college coach Tim Floyd becomes head coach.

Episode 3: An inside look at USC football through the eyes of freshman recruits. And showcasing Olypian Olympian Blythe Hartley as the Trojans approach the swimming season.

Episode 4: Watch newly appointed coach Tim Floyd try to unify his team for the season's opener. Rowing team highlights.

Episode 5:Volleyball team preperation for NCAA tourney.

Episode 6: Behind the scenes look at innovative strength and conditioning program that maximizes the performance of Trojan athletes.

Plus a whole lot more!!

This is DVD 1 of 3 in a box set. You can purchase the entire box set for $49.99 if desired. Or you can purchase them available individually at $19.99 each.